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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby, tonight's the night

Scarf (Mr.-Mr.'s) | Shirt (Thrifted) | Jeans (Levi's via Target) | Shoes (gifted) | Belt (old)

So, I'm going to try to make this a regular thing, this blog posting. Like I said in my last post, I'm trying to get into a groove that I lost.

Alright, so, updates for the week:
  • Have received my assignments for the next five weeks
  • Upon receiving said assignments, proceeded to pull my hair out
  • Apologized to afore-mentioned abused hair
  • Proceeded to develop plan of action to deal with assignments
  • Current score: Me: zip; Assignments: 1000x pts
Why do professors torture us so? I have a fashion show that I'm doing for a class coming up in the coming weeks, and have no clue where to get started on finding designers that will fit the theme of the show and not flake out. Either way, I'm excited because I'm a dresser for the show: essentially, the stylist. We're the heart beats of the whole damn production, ya heard meh!

I have to design a cocktail dress and an evening gown for my Womenswear II class (yay! Even though I missed a class so I have to work 2x as hard to make it up).

I have to design a 12 piece collection for my Fashion Portfolio I class (good thing it's only drawing and not having to actually make them like my WWII class; does it sound like I'm complaining? I hope not because I really am excited).

Relationship front: Mr.-Mr. sucks; no, I love him, but he sucks sometimes.

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