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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Macarons in the city

We took a bit of an impromptu walk-about in our city. We were supposed to go to our Buddhist meeting that night, but honestly, me and Mr.-Mr. haven't seen each other in a minute and I was feeling adventurous so we hopped in the car and took off. First, we had macaroons: 

(Delicious little buggers they were! Yum!)

(Mr.-Mr. And the Macaron)

I love Macarons!! Yes, I fell for them after Gossip Girl and the Queen B, what of it?! Lol. 

But that wasn't the end of it. We hung out at Piedmont Park, wandering around and oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the houses we saw. Which brings me to my Love:

(It's old, dilapidated and abandoned)

But it has enormous potential. I've fallen in love with it. Head over heels! I want it! It reminds me of this: 

Okay. Not quite true Pratical Magic, Sandra Bollock witchery, but the old, creepy, mystical, otherworldly vibe is there. Where it sits has a great view of the city of Atlanta!

I've determined where my sewing studio would be (can you guess?), and what to do with the front yard. My brother in law is a real estate agent so it has a lock box to take a peek!

(I will have thee, house!)

After trying sneak onto the house (no bueno), we continued on our adventure in the city.

(Yeah, it got dark quick, lol). 


(Jeans - Levi's | shoes - F21 | top - thrifted | bag - gifted)

(Yesh. The 'fro is made of awesome.)

(I know...dark. T-T)



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